Blatant selfie

                                      Blatant selfie

Zisis Kardianos (b. 1962, Zakynthos) has been active as documentary, event and travel photographer since 1985, working independently as well as on self-assigned commissions which were later published in various national and international magazines. He has studied sociology – but never completed his college degree – in the DEREE college of Athens and photography in the FOCUS school of Athens. In 2005 he commenced work on his long term photo-essay about his native island. The essay was self-published in a book form in 2012 titled “A Sense of Place”. His independent work has been presented in Greece and abroad. Another long term and on-going essay titled “Off Season” was presented in the Athens Photo Festival in 2012. Kardianos is a founding member of the international photographers’ collective BURN MY EYE which is regularly invited to exhibit or give workshops in International Photography Festivals such as the Mois de la Photo off - Paris (2014), the Brighton Photo Biennial (2014), and the San Francisco street photography festival (2016). He is also an associate member of the Balkan photography collective BULB and a contributing photographer in Millennium Images photo agency. Through the agency his photographs have decorated several book covers from international publishers. In 2016 he participated in the Brussels SPF where his photo-essay “In Limbo” was honored with the people’s award. In October 2017 he is invited to present his work in a solo exhibition at the prestigious FotoArtFestival in Bielsko-Biala in Poland. Zisis Kardianos lives in Zakynthos.

“What I strive to achieve is the making through my photographs of an imaginary world where even the most prosaic situations can acquire a mysterious nuance and a meaning different from the one that they carry in reality. I work in a quasi-documentary style but my realities are mostly invented. There is the world and there is the photograph. The photograph is not the world, it’s a completely different thing. I am a great believer in spontaneity because with discipline you cannot get caught in the moment and that means missing the magic of life”.


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Copenhagen Photo Festival, Homeless Gallery Group Show and Artist's Talk, 2015

Mois de la Photo off - Paris 2014

Brighton Photo Biennial 2014

Solo exhibition at Athens Photo Festival, 2012

Burn My Eye group exhibitions at London Festival of Photography, 2012

Third Floor Gallery - Cardiff 2012