The second revised edition of “In Limbo”, recipient of the Trieste Photo Days Book Award 2018, is published by Dot Art Publishing in an edition of 150 copies. At the moment you can only purchase your copy from DotArt’s website or by email me your order at

68 pages paperback

29,7 x 21 cm (A4 Format)

€ 20,00 + shipping fees

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TPD Book Award 2018 Winning Project. A suggestive personal record of the state of flux and insecurity of the Greek people, particularly those living in Athens, after the on-going economic recession burst into their lives. What began as an economic crisis soon also became a social and humanitarian one, irrevocably affecting the perceptions and the psyche of a whole nation and tearing through what was for so long and so delusively taken for granted. In my photographic exploration I tried to be restrained, resisting exploitative poverty porn, taking instead the pulse of the street, not a thoroughfare bustling with commercial vibrancy or even a fake euphoria, but one on which an ineffable mixture of frustration, sadness and bewilderment has penetrated every moment of people’s lives. This book is comprised of images in a quasi-documentary style, but the stories behind them have been stripped away in order to enhance their lyrical aspect instead of the merely informational.


The winning books of Trieste Photo Days Book Award 2018 for best submitted book dummies.

I’m excited to announce that my project InLimbo" won Trieste Photo Days Book Award 2018 for best submitted photo-book dummies among over 80 submitted projects and shared the first prize with another great book, Hiro Tanaka's (Japan) “Around 42nd and 7th”. "In Limbo".and will be published in a new, bigger and revised edition from DotArt Publishing. The book will be available to order from the publisher after its official presentation in Trieste on October 28th.

Last Picture Show - Some Former Movie Theaters by Zisis Kardianos

I received today the beautiful little photobook "LAST PICTURE SHOW" that my friend the German photographer David Kregenov, conceived, photographed, designed and self-published all by himself. Just by holding the book and flipping through its pages, I could feel that this booklet was a labour of love.

A great photographer and a passionate photobook collector himself, David in this project investigates a social and cultural transformation that his country underwent the last 25 years or so, by focusing his lens to old movie theaters around German that during the said years and as a result of the mass swift to other norms of popular entertainment, have been transformed slowly and painfully to frigid discount chains and later to drugstores and organic food stores.

Kregenov's memories dictated his search for traces of a now mostly forgotten but not very distant past. The work is imbued with a nostalgic and wistful feeling also present in the words of the photographer in his brief afterword on the last page of the book. "Next thing we know, the screens were dimmed, the projectors had ceased to run and the doors were locked. When they reopened, the interiors had been cleared out, the parquet flooring had made way for industrial tilling, the chandeliers for naked neon tubes and the velvety tip-ups for steel selvings."

The book resonated to me the same emotions as the cult Wim Wenders' film Im Lauf der Zeit (Kings of the road) that I first saw in 1977 in my hometown cinema similar to the ones that Kregenov is unearthing from his memories and places them on his book's pages for us to see.

The printing is digital given the small run of the book in 100 copies- I assume HP Indigo though I cannot be sure - but immaculately printed and the colour reproduction is undisturbing and in tune to the lo-fi mood of the book.

Vanessa Winship - Schwarzes Meer by Zisis Kardianos

Schwarzes Meer (German) Hardcover – 1 Sep 2007 by Vanessa Winship

Schwarzes Meer (German) Hardcover – 1 Sep 2007 by Vanessa Winship

If you haven't bought Vanessa Winship's first book Black Sea (only in German under the title "Schwarzes Meer") buy it now while it is still available from amazon marketplace and in very affordable prices. I have bought the book a few years back and with all the recent buzz about Winship's name, I thought it has long been extinct. Her best body of work by far, the most authentic and umediated, unlike her conceptual portrait series that comprise her two later books Sweet Nothings: Schoolgirls of Eastern Anatolia (2007) and the widely - and for me unjustifiably - acclaimed She Dances on Jackson (2011-2012). A new retrospective book titled Vanessa Winship is on its way for this autumn that reproduces her many aclaimed projects.

Don’t miss this video slideshow made by Vanessa Winship on “Agence VU”