The German Friend Jan Windszus by Zisis Kardianos

I met Jan the other day in the ferry coming back home after a day’s trip. We were the only two people on board taking pictures of the other passengers in a candid sort of way. I took his picture and after a while we got to know each other. It turns out that he was visiting my island on assignment from a German publisher. I offered to show him around. Jan is an excellent freelance photographer working in the documentary style with a very distinctive personal touch. He is quite potent in landscape, urban and portraitphotography but where he really thrives is on his soft - touch captures of daily life. He exhibits a street photographer’ predilection for decisive moments rendered in lush colour and majestic light. It seems to me that the work of Harry Gruyaert must have been one of his greatest inspirations. Definitely worth checking his website and follow his blog.